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ClearPlex? Protection Pro....

ClearPlex? is the strongest and optically purest film in the market.

It protects your electronic devices against direct impacts of all kinds that shatter unprotected glass and preserve its optical clarity. Unlike glass protectors, it will never shatter.

Properly applied to screens, it protects against pitting, chipping and cracking due to impact with foreign objects, even at high-velocity, leaving the glass underneath intact and unscathed.

Flexible | Great for even curved screens or full-body covers

Impact Resistant | Doesn?t break - unlike tempered glass

Scratch Resistant | Protects from sharp or hard objects

Self-Healing | Scuffs and scratches disappear with time

Touch-friendly | Doesn?t reduce screen responsiveness

Quality Control | Undergoes repeated 5 point inspections

ClearPlex Stops A Bullet

Select from 1,000?s of devices, old to just released, including wearables, phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, game consoles and others. We got you covered!